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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 8:13am

National Park Units Update Principles

National Park Service officials want to know what the public thinks of Cumberland Island's guiding principles.

It's part of a nationwide effort updating nearly 400 Foundation Documents in the National Park System.

NPS Foundation Documents outline the core missions, values and important resources in each of the system's units, including National Monuments and Historic Sites.

There are ten NPS units in Georgia.

Cumberland Island National Seashore Superintendent Fred Boyles says while Foundation Documents don't include specific actions or strategies, they guide future management and policy decisions.

Management of the 14 mile long Seashore has produced its share of sparks over the years.

Past debates include the fate of wild horses, historic sites and public access to remote areas.

All NPR unites aer required to update their principles by 2016.

Cumberland Island officials are seeking public comments before January 11th.

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