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Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 1:56pm

Jan. 8 Special Elections Crowded

Wednesday was the deadline for candidates to run for three empty seats in the General Assembly. Candidates will be vying for voter attention during the holidays.

State Senator Chip Rogers of Woodstock is stepping down to take a job with GPB. State Representative Sean Jerguson is also from District 21. He’s stepping down to run for Roger’s seat. State Senator John Bulloch of Quitman is retiring.

The special election for all three seats will be held January 8th, with early voting starting the day after Christmas.

Judge Wes Lewis is the Election Superintendent of Colquitt County. He expects a very low turnout.

“Candidates will literally be competing with sales, and Christmas shoppers. Political strategists, they’ll have to earn their money how to get voters out on January 8th, right when people are starting their resolutions you know, working out and all that. And oh, by the way, you want to go vote?” he says.

Lewis says counties have to set aside money just in case there is a special election.

“Your main costs are having to open by law all the precincts that are affected. And in this case, the entire county, so you’re paying your poll workers, printing the ballots and tech support. So you’re looking probably at 10,000 dollars on it. But, you know, specials are part of the deal.”he says/

Voters in eight counties in all will be casting ballots in the District 11 race.

Early voting starts December 26th.

Running for State Senator in District 21 are two republicans. Sean Jerguson, who is a businessman from Holly Springs. He stepped down as state representative to run for the seat. 51-year-old Brandon Beach, CEO of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce is also running. He lives in Alpharetta.

There are six candidates running for State Representative in District 21. 60-year-old Bill Fincher is a Republican attorney from Canton. 30-year-old Brian Laurens is also a Republican and a business owner from Canton. 42-year-old Kenneth Ashley Mimbs is a businessman from Canton and also a Republican. 36-year-old Scot Turner is a Republican and Director of Field Services in Canton. 41-year-old Natalie Bergeron is a Democrat. She is an attorney from Canton. And 44-year-old Eduardo Correia is an Independent. He is an international account director in Canton.

There are seven candidates seeking the State Senate seat in District 11. 73-year-old Marshall Berman is a Republican from Thomasville. He is retired from the Department of Labor. 55-year-old Dean Burke is also a Republican. He is a physician from Bainbridge. 35-year-old Brad Hughes is a Republican. He is self-employed and lives in Blakely. 58-year-old Mike Keown is a Republican from Coolidge. He is a minister and former state representative. 69-year-old Eugene McNease is retired. He is a Republican from Thomasville. 58-year-old Lisa Collins is a Democrat and director of economic development in Blakely. 43-year-old Jeffrey G. Bivins is a Libertarian. He works at Armor Clad Industries and lives in Cairo.

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