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Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 1:15pm

Savannah Eyes Changes For St. Patrick's

Savannah City Council is looking to reevaluate some parameters for the 2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade.

As the parade and event get larger, council members are wondering if the growing size will turn visitors away.

The festival zone is going to be defined as a box around River Street, says City of Savannah spokesman Bret Bell.

From River Street south to Broughton Street and from Drayton Street west to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard will be the new zone.

This will include the high-traffic areas of City Market and Ellis Square.

Wristbands are proposed to return to discourage underage drinking.

They will sell for $5 and only pertain to drinking outdoors.

Another proposition is the exclusion of dogs in the new festival zone.

Due to cases of aggression in the past, dogs will not be permitted where festival events take place.

As for residents living in the area, they will have a pass, like the wristbands, to walk their dogs.

Starting last year, private port-a-potties were allowed to be brought in if they were on trucks in legal parking spots.

But problems arose when private parties left port-a-potties on public property.

Bell says that the city will confiscate any private port-a-potties on public property.

Off-duty state troopers might be called by the city for reinforcements during the festival.

The city is willing to provide housing for the troopers at hotels.

All proposals are not final and will be decided upon by Savannah City Council.

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