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Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 8:00am

Ga. Christmas Tree Season Begins

Georgia’s Christmas tree growers are gearing up for a busy selling season.

Farmers say more Georgians want to be green while also creating family traditions. Many of the state’s Christmas tree farmers offer two options: cut your own tree or buy a pre-cut variety. Either way, Andy Kinsey said Georgians are buying more real Christmas trees every year.

“Our live tree sales have increased dramatically over the last several years, and on top of that, we’ve had families say, ‘You know what? We’ve had an artificial tree for years and it’s just not the same. Fragrance out of the can is just not the same as fragrance from the real tree,’” said Kinsey, who projects his Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville will sell 3,000 trees this year.

Farmer Linda Wilson with the Georgia Christmas Tree Association said more people are visiting Christmas tree farms as part of holiday traditions.

“People who come to my farm, it seems like they’re spending more time there, it’s becoming more of an event and less about [giving] presents,” Wilson said. “Picking out a tree is such a family-oriented thing to do. Even people with their babies come.”

Carolina Sapphire and Leyland Cypress are among the top Georgia varieties.

Growers said the dry weather hasn’t affected this year’s crop of Christmas trees.

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