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Sunday, September 30, 2012 - 8:00pm

Patrick Swayze's Widow Speaks In Macon

The keynote address at a symposium on end-of-life issues at Macon State College will be delivered by someone with intimate knowledge of the subject.

Lisa Niemi lost her husband, actor Patrick Swayze, to pancreatic cancer three years ago. In an interview with The Telegraph, Niemi said the only hope she can offer people in similar circumstances is the knowledge that grief does eventually subside.

"It’s just human nature to find something to blame and I couldn’t blame him," she said. "The one action I can take, if I can’t fight this disease, I can try and do my best prevent other people from going through the terrible lack of hope that comes along with it.”

Niemi’s appearance at Macon State College Monday afternoon is sponsored by the School of Nursing & Health Sciences.


The Telegraph's Liz Fabian

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