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Friday, September 28, 2012 - 1:51pm

Barge Scales Back Charter School Opposition

A spokesman for state Superintendent John Barge says his boss has reached an agreement with Attorney General Sam Olens on the school chief's political activity regarding a statewide referendum on charter schools.

Matt Cardoza says Barge remains opposed to a constitutional amendment that would allow the state to issue charters for private operators to run taxpayer financed schools. But Cardoza confirmed that the Department of Education has removed from its website a written primer on the issue.

The action comes after a private attorney filed a complaint accusing Barge of violating state law that generally limits the use of public resources for political activity.

Barge's Q&A does not explicitly tell Georgians how to vote, but makes his position clear.

Cardoza says Barge will continue to speak candidly about his opposition.

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