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Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 12:00pm

Lee Anderson Avoids Debates

Republican Congressional hopeful Lee Anderson is dodging debates with U.S. Representative John Barrow.

This week, the Grovetown lawmaker rebuffed two debates with the Democratic incumbent in the 12th Congressional District.

The GOP candidate insists, the Democrat has to explain why he plans on voting for Barack Obama as well as who he plans on supporting for House Speaker.

Barrow has rejected the demand and so Anderson is refusing to appear with Barrow on stage.

Anderson spokesman Ryan Mahoney says, Barrow should explain who he's voting for.

"It's a simple question with a simple answer," Mahoney says. "But unfortunately, he doesn't have the moral fiber or the honest bone in his body to be able to just say it in front of a camera or in front of a newspaper."

Barrow spokesman Richard Carbo says, Barrow has answered the question and Anderson is trying to avoid serious issues.

"To make these kinds of demands are an attempt by the Anderson campaign to hide, to avoid talking about the issues like Medicare, Social Security, and Tax Reform and to turn them into something of the game," Carbo says. "My boss has made very clear who he'll support and he'll answer that question again in the debate."

The sparring pair have yet to meet for a debate with the election in the heavily contested East Georgia district six weeks away.

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