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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 11:15am

Scorecards Rank Logistics By County

Georgia experts are breaking down how each of the state's 159 counties handles goods that contribute to the overall economy.

They're calling their effort a set of "logistics baseball cards" that will help businesses connect to customers and lawmakers make decisions.

Logistics is the business of moving goods.

And Georgia does a lot of it with its ports, Atlanta's UPS headquarters and interstate trucking.

The online cards -- officially called "logistics spotlights" -- detail ways every county moves goods from makers to consumers.

Page Siplon of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics says, the stat cards are a tool for recruiting new industries.

"When folks are trying to inform legislators and elected officials and others around the importance of their project, economic development plays a huge role in that," Siplon says. "Logistics could play an equally as important role, showing them quantitatively the importance of what their county has to offer."

And that can inform politics.

"It involves a lot of different aspects from our ports, to our air cargo facilities, to railroads and trucking, and the lists goes on and on, all the different aspects that are involved in logistics," Siplon says. "And putting numbers behind those different components is critical."

The spotlights offer a county-by-county list of major industries and logistics resources.

They are available at this website.