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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 10:46am

Search Continues For Militia Suspects

Authorities are still looking for two of the five men indicted Tuesday in connection with an anti-government militia organized by soldiers at Fort Stewart.

The men are charged in Liberty County with illegal gang activity as well as theft, burglary and auto break-ins. District Attorney Tom Durden said they used the crimes to fund the F.E.A.R. militia. The acronym stands for Forever Enduring Always Ready.

The men are accused of plotting to overthrow the government and had spent $87,000 on weapons for the plan.

Adam Dearman and Randall Dearman are in custody. Christopher Jenderseck was arrested on Tuesday in North Dakota. Investigators are still searching for Timothy Joiner and Anthony Garner.

Adam Dearman was administratively separated from the Army in November of 2011. Timothy Joiner was administratively separated in December of 2011, while Anthony Garner was administratively separated in May of 2012. Christopher Jenderseck ended his service in the Army in April of 2012.

An Army spokesman declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding their separation from the military.

Randall Dearman did not serve in the military.

The Army released a statement saying “We remain confident there are no unknown subjects. The five individuals indicted- four former soldiers- were known to the investigation and were not publicly identified previously to preserve the integrity of the investigation and ongoing civilian legal proceedings.”

Four other soldiers are accused of murdering two people to cover up the militia. The government says F.E.A.R. members were planning to kill the President, take over Fort Stewart, poison apple crops in Washington state, and blow up a fountain in Savannah.