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Monday, September 10, 2012 - 12:00am

Brunswick Discovers Evidence Of Cemetery

Officials say graves that had been lost to history for more than two centuries have been discovered at the site of a former middle school on the coast.

The discovery confirms the site of a Colonial cemetery in Brunswick.

A public works department crew unearthed evidence of at least three graves in what once had been known as Wright Square.

Officials say, workers didn't dig deep enough to expose coffins, but archaeologist Fred Cook says, he based his conclusion on the condition of dirt and evidence of nails.

"It would be the most important historic site in the town of Brunswick," Cook says. "Consider the fact that Brunswick has no buildings and no structures that date back that far in time."

Crews also found what appeared to be a bone and a casket handle.

"That was the first cemetery in Brunswick," Cook says. "It's interesting too that the cemetary was used before the roads were laid out for the city of Brunswick."

The cemetery could hold the remains of early settlers.

Cook says, he hopes the city will conduct a full archaeological study on the site.