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Monday, September 3, 2012 - 11:00am

Savannah Eyes Cruiseliners

Savannah officials are investigating the possibility of the city hosting a cruiseliner.

City council members recently held the first of two-workshops to discuss the study.

An earlier $130,000 study conducted by B.E.A. Architects confirmed cruise ships would bring jobs to Savannah.

The city's special projects coordinator, Marty Johnston, says if approved, a second nearly $300,000 study would evaluate environmental issues and the feasibility of specific terminal sites.

"This next study will one, study the river and the river environment and what it would take to dock a cruise ship and do we have a site where we could actualyl build what they call a birthing station," Johnston says. "And the second part would be of the sites that we're looking at is it feasible to do it on that site landwise."

She says there are many physical challenges to bringing a cruiseliner to Savannah.

"You have to have support parking you have to have good ingress and egress because everybody comes at the same time to get on a cruiseship and everyone leaves at the same time when they get off the cruise ship."

The second study could take six months.

Officials are considering three-sites on the Savannah River near the Historic District.