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Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 12:41pm

Macon Attorney Jones Dies At 87

Frank C. Jones, a well-known Macon attorney who had lead Georgia’s lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act has died. GPB’s Adam Ragusea in Macon reports Jones is remembered as a jurist, not an ideologue.

Colleagues say Jones’s interest in the healthcare law was more legal than political. After winning the case in the 11th circuit last year, Georgia’s suit was combined with those of 26 other states and brought to the Supreme Court in June. Mercer Law professor David Oedel, who like Jones worked on the case pro-bono, said Jones remained active until the end.

“Even in his sickness, many of the lawyers from the other states were very impressed with Mr. Jones. He had a gentlemanly quality to him. Probably the most esteemed single lawyer on the team,” said Oedel.

It was the last act of a six-decade career in the spotlight. Jones represented Bibb County Schools during desegregation, and Coca-Cola during a bitter dispute with bottlers over the switch from sugar to corn syrup. Jones had been suffering from Leukemia when he died late Wednesday, he was 87.