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Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 11:22am

Isaac Will Impact Holiday Travel

Even though Hurricane Isaac didn’t directly hit Georgia, it’s expected to impact Labor Day travel this weekend.

Drivers can expect to see wet roadways says Alex Gibbs of the National Weather Service:

“We don't expect much flooding from Isaac or the remnants of Isaac. We just expect some moisture associated with it to get some showers and t-storms. At that time Isaac and the remnants of Isaac will be caught up in the westerly flow and should move out of the area quite quickly.”

State authorities say they are prepared for Isaac’s impact. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency's Brittany McAlpin warns that while tornados and flooding are unlikely, preparedness is good policy:

“We encourage people to make sure that they are prepared for any type of severe weather. Right now we have not seen anything that will directly affect Georgia. We thought we may see the potential of flooding but there are no problems that will affect Georgia this weekend.”

The National Weather Service says Georgia can expect rain through Tuesday.