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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 12:01pm

Controversy Over New RNC Rules

At a crucial time for GOP unity, there has been some dissent at the Republican National convention over new rules for delegate selection.

The controversial rules were challenged by grass roots factions of the Republican Party, ultimately resulting in a last minute compromise.

A new RNC rule would have allowed presidential candidates to vet and choose their own delegates, leaving state parties out of the selection process. This angered many grass root party activists, like Ron Paul supporters, because it would limit their ability to gain delegates at future conventions.

Columbus State University political scientist Greg Domin says it cuts out dissenting voices from the mainstream, presumptive candidate’s message:

“You know you’re talking about folks who have a different point of view than say this year’s candidate who will be Mitt Romney, and their voices would ultimately be silenced by this. If you eliminate the state parties from picking their candidate they’re basically becoming homogeneous.”

Julianne Thompson, one of Georgia’s national delegates for Mitt Romney, says taking the power to choose delegates away from states is a dangerous move that threatens grass roots efforts:

“I mean it only stands to reason that delegations would eventually be made up of high donors and personal friends of the nominee instead of representing the actual grass roots which is the heart and soul of the Republican party.”

A compromise was reached late Monday night that candidates would have to consult with state parties in selecting delegates.