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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 7:46pm

Another Close Vote In 12th

Updated: 5 years ago.
Lee Anderson has come out on top of two GOP votes. With four candidates in the Republican primary, he was the top-voter getter by a convincing margin. But in the GOP runoff, it's still too close to call. (photo Lee Anderson campaign)

Voters in Georgia's 12th Congressional District have to wait again to learn the results of another close election.

Two GOP rivals Tuesday failed to muster a knock-out win in one of the state's most closely-watched races.

At the end of the night, just 153 votes separated Augusta businessman Rick Allen and Grovetown State Representative Lee Anderson.

The Republicans faced-off in a run-off election after each failed to get 50% of the vote in last month's primary.

Allen was slighly behind.

Allen spokesman Scott Paradise says, the campaign will assess options when all the votes are made official.

"As of now, we're certainly well within the threshold for an automatic recount," Paradise says. "Hopefully, with the votes that are outstanding, we won't need to go there."

Final results could take weeks to tally.

"With this many moving parts in this close of an election, we're just trying to figure out exactly where it's at," Paradise says. "But when absentee votes are counted and the remaining votes are in, hopefully things bounce back in our favor."

The winner is expected to get millions of dollars in outside cash in a bid to unseat incumbent Democrat John Barrow, a five-time target of intense GOP campaigning.