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Friday, August 17, 2012 - 10:18am

Ga Fire Crews Helping In Oregon

Georgia is sending 45 firefighters west to help control wildfires raging along the Oregon-California border.

The Barry Point fire covers more than 79,000 acres, and it’s just one of several burning in Oregon in the midst of hot, dry weather.

The Georgia firefighters will be gone for two weeks.

“Just because we are sending people out doesn’t mean that the fire levels here in Georgia are any less severe. We are still under a big drought throughout the state,” said Wendy Burnett, public relations director for the Georgia Forestry Commission. “We’ve just been very lucky and fortunate in that we’ve had some very strategically timed and placed rainfall.”

The Barry Point fire in Oregon is roughly one-third contained. Forestry officials expect it will be at least another week before they have it under control.