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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 11:45am

School For Dropouts Lacks Permit

A private company is starting a program to help high school dropouts in Dougherty County finish their education. But it doesn’t have state permits required to open.

A Baltimore-based company called Alternatives Unlimited runs the Drop Back In Academy in Albany.

It’s aimed at people ages 16 to 21 who dropped out of high school.

So far, 55 students have registered for the Academy. The academy would get 90 percent of the full-time equivalent student funds from the state for students it brings back to the Dougherty County school system. The school system would get 10 percent of those funds.

But the program doesn’t yet have the site approval from the state. So it can't get state funds.

Academy director Levi Williams is confident they will be able to get the documents needed to move forward. He says,
“Not saying that’s a hiccup, but that’s an additional part of the process that wasn’t communicated with us as we came into the district. So as it stands, we are moving forward with orientating the students.”

The State Department of Education however, says the school cannot operate without permits certifying that the buildings are safe.

This would be the first drop out recovery program of its kind in the state.

Alternatives Unlimited runs similar programs in Florida and Texas.

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