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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 12:29pm

Board Of Regents Decide Names, Budget

The Georgia Board of Regents decided on the names of two merged universities and its budget request for next year.

But the name choices are not popular with everyone.

The merged South Georgia College and Waycross College will go by South Georgia State College. And now, Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University will be known as: Georgia Regents University. A committee of campus and community members submitted the suggestions.

Augusta commissioner Joe Bowles says he is disappointed with the decision:

“I have not met one person that likes the name Georgia Regents. Nobody can understand what it means, what it’s for. And I think, not only does it diminish the former Medical College of Georgia’s contribution to Georgia, it definitely diminishes Augusta State University’s accomplishments.”

John Millsaps with the Board of Regents explains how the name originated:

“The name did not come from the Regents, the name was submitted as one of the suggested names, as one of the three suggested names from the institution.”

The Regents also approved a budget for next year with 3% cuts to 35 state colleges and universities. The board will meet again in October with specific reduction plans for each institution.