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Monday, August 6, 2012 - 11:38am

Runoff Election Preps Across Georgia

Primary elections may be over, but some candidates are scrambling to get voters back to the polls for the August 21st runoff.

In the 12th Congressional district, Republican State Representative Lee Anderson had a substantial lead from last week’s vote, but is short of a majority. He’ll be in the runoff against Augusta businessman Rick Allen, who narrowly edged out attorney Wright McLeod by 584 votes. The winner will challenge Democratic incumbent John Barrow in November’s election.

Opponents in District 2 of Savannah’s school board race will also face a runoff. Dionne Hoskins failed to win a majority and will be up against Daniel Frazier. Frazier says he has a strategy to get voters back to the polls:

“We’re certainly going to focus on those areas and precincts that we didn’t do as well in, as well as going back out in the community and going door to door and getting those people who supported us back out to the polls as well.”

UGA Political Scientist, Charles Bullock says historically, the primary leader has an advantage going into the runoff:

“About 70% of the time, the candidate who has the most votes in the primary goes on to win the election in the runoff. Now the one major exception to that is if the candidate is an incumbent.”

The Secretary of State is expected to certify results this week.

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