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Monday, July 30, 2012 - 2:00am

Historic Macon Vote Nears

Tuesday people who live in Macon and Bibb County will vote on whether to consolidate their governments.The effort to merge the two government’s dates back 90 years.

Earlier this year the Georgia State Legislature approved a bill making this public vote possible. The Consolidation bill requires mandatory spending cuts and a reduction of elected officials from 21 to 10.

Calder Pinkston with the group Macon-Bibb Wins Again supports consolidation. He says it will spur economic growth and make it easier to do business here.

“We’re real encouraged, very pleased. We do got to get out and vote to get this passed. It will never come again in our lifetimes. It’s a rare opportunity that we have. So, people do need to go vote.”

Opponents say consolidation will result in job cuts to city and county workers and dilute black voting strength. If consolidation passes it will take place in January of 2014.