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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 12:00pm

'Ethics Express' Rallies Voters

The “Ethics Express” is rolling through Georgia this week, making stops in Columbus, Macon and Albany.

The bus tour is to rally voters to vote “yes” on a non-binding primary ballot question regarding lobbyist gifts to lawmakers.

Common Cause Georgia, state Tea Party Patriots and Georgia Conservatives in Action are collaborating on the 14 city, 4 day bus tour. They want July 31st voters to support a $100 cap on lobbyist gifts to state lawmakers.

Debbie Dooley with the Georgia Tea Party Patriots hopes it will make powerful lawmakers like Republican House Speaker David Ralston, who have not supported the gift cap, do an about face:

“They will be at a crossroads, do you want to listen to the will of the people or do you want to go down the same path? We think it will be past overwhelmingly by both Republic and Democratic primary voters.”

Ralston has said there’s no proof gift caps work.

130 legislators and candidates have signed a pledge to co-sponsor a gift cap bill during the 2013 session.

Common Cause’s William Perry thinks that overwhelming voter support from both parties will force Ralston and other lawmakers to listen to their constituents:

"It sends a strong message because house leaders and everybody down to the lowest ranking members will know exactly how many voters in their districts support caps on gifts."

The "Ethics Express" tour wraps up in Athens on Friday.

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