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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 11:34am

Midwest Drought Impacts Georgia Farmers

Drought conditions in the midwest are having an impact on Georgia corn and soy commodity prices.

University of Georgia Agricultural Economist Nathan Smith says if the prices remain high it could result in profit losses for livestock producers who feed animals with grain.

"What happens in the mid-west, though, will impact what happens to prices here in Georgia because we're a grain deficit state. We use more corn than we produce. So when a drought happens there that raises the price of corn."

The changes will impact Georgia livestock and grain producers differently.

While increases in price benefit Georgia crop growers, it means increased costs for poultry and cattle farmers depending on corn and soy to feed their livestock.

Georgia leads the nation in chicken production. Beef production is the state's 6th most profitable agricultural commodity, according to 2010 data.

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