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Monday, June 25, 2012 - 8:00am

Rick Allen Emphasizes Business

Four Republicans are fighting for the chance to face four term Democratic Congressman John Barrow in the fall. GPB's Orlando Montoya spoke with each of the candidates and will present them this week in four interviews. Today, we hear from R. W. Allen & Associates founder, Rick Allen.

NAME: Rick Allen

BORN: Augusta, Georgia

HOME: Augusta, Georgia

EDUCATION: Graduated in 1973 from Auburn University's School of Architecture and Fine Arts with Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Past Chairman of the Mayor’s Commission on Significant Architectural Restoration for the City of Augusta among many others

CAREER: Founded R.W. Allen & Associates

PERSONAL: He married the former Robin Reeve of Carrollton in 1973. They have four children: Jennifer Allen Green (Tee), 35, Andy Allen (Betsy), 32, Molly Allen Hargather (Jamie), 29, and Robin Anne Allen, 27.

HOW HE DISTINGUISHES HIMSELF: Rick Allen separates himself from the other three candidates by highlighting his past business experience. Allen says that he'll use his business experience to address this country's fiscal issues if he's elected to Congress.

QUOTE: "We've got some problems in Washington. It's broken, it's got to be fixed. I've had an opportunity here after being in business for 35 years. I've got some folks running the business and have some time to focus on those problems in Washington. So, the best way to do that is run for the United States Congress."