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Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 6:00am

Terror Plot Case Moves Toward Trial

Planning for a possible trial is moving ahead in the case against two men accused of what prosecutors call a terror plot targeting government officials and U.S. cities.

A judge this week set a pretrial conference for July 11 in Gainesville for the two, 55-year-old Ray Adams and 68-year-old Samuel Crump.

Adams and Crump face federal charges of conspiring and attempting to make a biological toxin called ricin.

Two other suspects, Frederick Thomas and Dan Roberts, have pleaded guilty to conspiring to get an unregistered explosive and an illegal gun silencer.

The four were arrested in early November after at least seven months of surveillance by an undercover informant who infiltrated their meetings at homes, during car rides and a Waffle House restaurant.

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