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Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 11:31am

Food Policy Debated In Macon

The Georgia Food Policy Council is gathering in Macon. They plan to propose policies aimed at improving Georgia's food and agricultural system.

The council formed in 2010 to look at food and nutrition concerns around the state. Despite Georgia’s 10 million acres of farm land many people here are undernourished and overweight. Georgia State University became involved in the program in 2012.

Council Researcher Debra Kibbe says the Macon gathering is a culmination of four regional meetings where people talked about issues such as improving people’s diet. Suggestions include help for new farmers and increased fruit and vegetable consumption through the state’s Georgia Grown program.

“To strengthen the opportunity for small and midsize farmers to use that as a mechanism both regionally and statewide to get their products purchased within the state."

Kibbe says the research will be used to propose changes in state food and nutrition policy.

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