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Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 12:30pm

Democrats Drop Blogger Libel Suit

The Georgia Democratic Party has dismissed a libel suit against the operators of two popular political blogs—one Republican and one Democratic.

But the legal wrangling may not be over.

Rashad Richey, political director of the Georgia Democratic Party filed a dismissal on Monday of his libel suit against Andre Walker, author of the conservative Georgia Politics Unfiltered. The next day, he dropped the lawsuit against Jane Bradshaw and Melanie Goux, authors of the left leaning Blog for Democracy.

Richey claimed the blogs made false allegations about his criminal record.

Walker calls Richey’s tactics “Law-Fare” a combination of law and warfare to silence him. He is now asking the Georgia Democratic Party for 17 thousand dollars to cover his legal fees:

“The design of the lawsuit was basically to tie up my time, to intimidate me into either taking what I posted off of my site, financially cripple me by having to hire an attorney to defend myself against this garbage.

Calls to the Georgia Democratic Party for comment were not returned.

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