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Monday, May 28, 2012 - 12:06pm

Days Of Rain Raise Flood Concerns

Wind damage appears to be minor from Monday morning's landfall of Tropical Storm Baryl, now a tropical depression.

But for some residents in low-lying areas, a bigger threat might not come until later this week.

Forecasters are predicting rainfall amounts of between four to eight inches with some areas getting 12 inches.

There's a flood watch for much of South Georgia.

Terisa Stoeffler of Camden County lives near the St. Mary's River which flooded in storms three years ago.

Her house now has an oak tree leaning against it because of winds from the tropical storm.

"I'm in a dilemma as to who to call because if they make us evacuate, we have nowhere to go," Stoeffler says.

An emergency management official says, it might take several days for creeks and rivers to crest.

A Red Cross official says, the agency isn't expecting evacuations but is ready for them.

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