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Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 11:23am

Airline Leaving Macon

Macon’s only passenger airline announced this week it will leave in July. Georgia Skies officials say there are not enough passengers making the trip between Macon and Atlanta.

The airline used to get more than a million-dollar federal subsidy for the Macon route through the Essential Air Service Program. The subsidy ended in 2010 when the airline agreed to fly without it to keep a competitor from entering the market.

Macon City Councilman Tom Ellington chairs the Appropriations Committee that oversees the airport. He says despite the low passenger numbers the airport’s cargo and aircraft maintenance business are thriving.

“We’re seeing much greater volumes of cargo coming into that airport because FedEx is using that as a feeder terminal and we’ve got Bombardier expanding its operations out there. So, I think the location and facility are both good.”

Georgia Skies will continue to fly out of Athens with the help of more than a million dollars a year in federal subsidies.

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