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Friday, May 11, 2012 - 4:37am

State: Watch For Bird Nests, Beachgoers

A state agency is asking Georgians to keep a lookout for protected birds and their nests during trips to the beach.

Experts with the Department of Natural Resources say late spring and early summer vacation seasons overlap with the nesting seasons for protected birds such as American oystercatchers, Wilson's plovers and least terns.

The birds lay their eggs at the edges of dunes and near the high-tide line along Georgia's coastal beaches in places such as Little Tybee Island, Cumberland Island and Jekyll Island.

DNR biologist Tim Keyes says beachgoers should try to stay below the high-tide line during nesting season and back away from any nesting birds they accidentally disturb. There's a chance frightened birds may abandon their nests and any chicks inside.

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