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Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 7:00am

$1M Grant Funds Soybean Study

A University of Georgia researcher has received a $1 million National Science Foundation grant to study the genetics of soybeans.

Wayne Parrott will work with scientists at the University of Missouri, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The team will work to find more uses for the multipurpose legume by studying its genome.

Research has been done to help soybean farmers breed a better bean, but Parrott's study will focus on investigating the function of soybean genes, particularly those that affect crop quality and yield.

Soybeans are the world's largest single source of vegetable protein and edible oil. They are already used to make livestock feed, soymilk, tofu, adhesives, alternative fuels, disinfectants, plastics and particleboard.