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Sunday, April 8, 2012 - 11:00pm

Americans Elect Gathers Signatures

Georgians could see a fourth choice when they vote for president this year.

Spokeswoman for Americans Elect Ilena Wachtel says, this month they plan to submit 100,000 signatures to Georgia's Secretary of State, about twice what they need to ensure their candidate is listed when Georgians vote for president this year.

"We're thrilled that we're completing Georgia," Wachtel says. "We're certified in 21 states. We've done some heavy lifts like California, Oklahoma, Maine. Those are difficult states."

Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians have automatic ballot access in Georgia.

Americans Elect is a new group that plans to nominate what backers are calling a unity ticket in an online poll.

Wachtel says, the movement is aimed at fostering bipartisanship.

"We need more competitions and more options," Wachtel says. "It's really about getting a ticket in there that will deal with the debt, will deal with health care, will deal with passing a transportation bill, and having real dialogue in Washington to end the gridlock."

Republicans and Democrats worry, the group's nominee will act as a spoiler, affecting electoral votes in tight states.

John McCain won Georgia by five percentage points in 2008.


A previous version of this story stated that Libertarians did not have automatic ballot access in Georgia but usually gather enough signatures to be on the ballot. The party has not had to petition in Georgia for president or any statewide office since 1988, according to Ballot Access News.

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