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Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 12:12pm

Protestors Challenge Picketing Bill

Joined together in protest on the Capitol steps, members of the Tea Party, Occupy Atlanta, various union and community activists rallied against a bill they say violates their free speech.

The bill targets anyone who pickets in front of the private homes of business leaders involved in labor disputes.

Lawmakers say it protects the “sanctity” of a person’s home.

But Dr. Johnny Hill with the Baptist School of Theology told the crowd that it is a direct violation of First Amendment rights:

“This bill cuts to the very core and the foundation of the fabric of our nation…it is the first amendment right to gather together and to assemble and protest and let our voices be heard. And you can bet your last bottom dollar that there will be civil disobedience, there will be a direct action campaign that will challenge the very foundation of this nation. Make no mistake, this will not be over.”

If the bill passes the house Thursday, it will go back to the Senate which will have to agree to the changes.