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Monday, March 19, 2012 - 10:34am

Police Seek Stolen Laptops

Gwinnett County police are still investigating the theft of two computers at the headquarters of Georgia OB/Gyn Society in Suwannee over the weekend. Thieves stole two computers containing records of nearly 1,000 doctors who belong to the association. The machines also contained financial information. The Society has been lobbying against some anti-abortion bills in the General Assembly. There’s no word yet on whether the break-in was politically motivated.

The Society’s President, Dr. David Byck, a Savannah obstetrician, says “It is a shame that this non-profit physician association responsible for advancing the cause of providing quality care to Georgia’s women and their unborn children was the victim of such a crime. The police officers said that the break in looked well planned and it’s frightening that the personal and family information of our membership has been stolen. There cannot be a good intent behind such a crime.”

Police say a woman jogging by the building on Saturday afternoon head the door alarm and saw a man running out with what looked like a heavy bag in his hand. The witness told police the man jumped into a black, four door sedan. Officers say the front door of the Society’s headquarters appeared to have been pried open. Patricia Cota, the Society’s executive director, told police that the laptops should not have any information on any clients that would cause any issues.

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