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Monday, March 19, 2012 - 11:05am

Ousted School Board Members Can Return

Two east Georgia school board members are getting their jobs back following a Georgia Supreme Court Decision.

In 2010, then-Governor Sonny Perdue removed three members of the Warren County School Board near Augusta. The Governor saw them as the source of dysfunctional and unethical leadership that threatened the system’s accreditation.

Attorney E. Brian Watkins represents the ousted board members. He says the court found the state has no right to remove elected or constitutional officers.

“I appreciate the difficult position that the Governor was put in. I really do, as well as the administrative law judges who had to hear this case. And I really am thankful that the State Supreme Court had the courage to do what it did. But, it was the right decision.”

Warren County school officials say the two board members appointed after the ouster will have to step down to make way for two returning members. A third was elected and will keep her seat

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