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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 11:28am

Macon Leaders Back Education Plan

Macon leaders are coming forward to unite behind a plan to reform Bibb County Schools. Members of the political and business community held a press conference to say the plan is essential for Macon's future.

City leaders, speaking in Macon’s historic Terminal Station, want the public to get on board with the plan. They say the high drop out rate is hurting kids and economic development.

Clifford Whitby with the Macon-Bibb Industrial Authority says many companies won’t give Macon a second look because it lacks a qualified workforce.

“We’ve got to produce a 21st Century workforce to sustain and try to recover from the dismal performance over the years that has rendered some of our citizens’ unemployable.”

The Bibb County School Board approved the so-called “Macon Miracle” plan after a contentious debate. The plan includes teaching Mandarin Chinese, technology upgrades and allowing kids to choose where to attend school.

It met opposition however, over concerns there was not enough money to pay for it.

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