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Friday, March 9, 2012 - 1:45pm

WORKING: What Superhero Would You Be?

Google gets thousands of applicants for each of its job opening, and the company has become famous for some of the unusual riddles recruiters ask applicants to solve to try to separate them from the pack. (See an example below.)

Other companies are getting in on the act, too, asking things like “What animal are you?” or “If you could be any superhero, who would you be?”

Our workplace expert Brandon Smith explains why and offers some thoughts on preparing for these kinds of unusual questions.

Brandon Smith teaches about leadership, communication, and workplace culture at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. More of his advice is on his blog and at And while you’re there, ask him your workplace or career question. We might use your question on a future radio segment.

[Here’s a question asked by Google recruiters in job interviews, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and thrown into a blender. Your mass is reduced so that your density is the same as usual. The blades start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?]

We convinced Brandon Smith to answer a few unusual interview questions. And then we asked him how he would judge his own answers. Take a peek inside Brandon’s mind!


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