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Monday, March 5, 2012 - 11:40am

Pain Management Act Passes House

Lawmakers in the House passed a bill that would enact the “Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act.” The bill heads to the Senate floor next.

Addiction specialists hope that this is the first step to getting a grip on widespread pain pill addiction in Georgia.

The bill requires pain management clinics be licensed, and would establish minimum standards for prescribing controlled substances for pain.

The legislation targets “Pill Mills”—shady pain clinics that sell prescription narcotics to patients for non-medical uses.

Ken Wilson, Director of Stepping Stones Recovery Center in Augusta, has seen first hand, the epidemic of addiction and prescription pill abuse in Georgia.

“It’s easier to get pain pills than alcohol because you don’t need ID and you can get it over the internet. I have one client who has nine online pharmacists that she consults to get her pills -- all online.”

Several Georgia cities, including Marietta have already adopted ordinances restricting the sale of addictive prescription drugs.