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Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 1:57pm

Sunday Sales On Tuesday Ballots

Voters in 39 Georgia communities will decide Tuesday whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales.

Rome, Marietta and LaGrange are some of the municipalities voting on Sunday beer, wine and liquor sales.

It's a decision already made in Savannah, where voters approved Sunday sales after state lawmakers left the matter up to local voters last year.

Bubba Rosenthal of Savannah's Habersham Beverage says, a lot of people still don't know the law has changed.

"I still have people call to ask me if I'm open on Sunday," Rosenthal says. "They ask me, 'When did the law change?' So a lot of our customers are still uninformed. We're hoping for the best that it will pick up and it will pay for us to be open, but as of right now we haven't seen any of the revenues go up."

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution report found alcohol tax revenues up in most Metro communities that have approved the measure.

The amounts, however, were small.

Supporters of Sunday sales say, the measure was more about personal freedom than increased revenue.