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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 2:31pm

Bill Bans Abortion After 5 Months

State house lawmakers passed a controversial abortion bill Wednesday.

The so-called “fetal pain bill” cuts the time a woman could have an abortion from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. The goal is to stop late-term abortions.

The legislation passed by a vote of 102-55 in the House. It now heads to the state Senate.

Pro-choice supporters have criticized the bill for not making exceptions for rape, incest and mentally ill women.

Before the vote, Dan Becker, the President of Georgia Right To Life confronted House Republicans he thought were waffling on the issue. Senator Sharon Cooper, a Pro-life Republican from Marietta says Becker threatened her political career if she voted against the bill:

“I just got threatened and I am very angry about it. Because I don’t agree with Georgia Right To Life and I believe in the three exceptions which is the national Right To Life stance, and because I don’t believe in passing bills that have major flaws in them, and that put doctors who just try to help women who have high risk pregnancies, to put those doctors at risk when we don’t have enough of them right now, is abominable.”

Becker responded: “I’m sorry, it was a delivery of a political announcement, implementing our political policy. We have a pack, and I am the vehicle of delivering that unfortunate message that various members of the Republican caucus will be targeted this year.”

The bill is the first anti-abortion legislation passed by the House in three years.