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Friday, February 24, 2012 - 1:19pm

Bill Would Help Find Unclaimed Vets' Remains

A bill that passed the state senate Friday would require funeral directors to take special action when it comes to unclaimed remains of U.S. Military veterans.

The Disposition of Veteran's Remains Act would open the lines of communication between funeral homes and the non-profits organizations whose mission is to locate and bury the cremated remains of unclaimed veterans across the state.

It would also require funeral directors to identify deceased veterans during the intake process.

"What this bill does allows non profit organizations to be able to find these unknown cremations and take them to give them full military honors," said Senator Renee Untermann who sponsored the bill.

The measure also states funeral directors of crematories would be required to hold unclaimed remains for 60 days before releasing them to outside organizations.

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