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Monday, February 20, 2012 - 2:40am

Settlement Reached In Prison Beating

Four Georgia prisoners who allege they were brutally beaten by their corrections officers in the Hays State Prison in Trion have reached a settlement in the case.

The Southern Center for Human Rights represented the four men who say in August 2010 they were handcuffed, kicked, and beaten, in some cases until they were unconscious.

“These beatings were unprovoked, unjustified and unlawful and this lawsuit is in line with our mission and the settlement recognizes this and affords our clients the relief they deserve,” said Atteeyah Hollie, the attorney who worked the case.

The inmates will receive $93,000 from the correctional officers and the State will provide medical care for their injuries.

This is the second time that SCHR has sued Hays State Prison officials for assaults on prisoners. In 1997, SCHR settled a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of fourteen men who were subjected to unprovoked beating during a prison “shakedown”.

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