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Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 10:12am

Macon Students Protest Changes

Bibb County school officials will roll out a plan to make sweeping changes in education this week. They're naming the plan the "Macon Miracle". But, a group of 200 high school students says not so fast.

The teenagers marched to the Bibb County Board of Education offices to present petitions and concerns to Superintendent Romain Dallemand. But, they never got in the front door. Organizer Tanner Pruitt told a school administrator designated to meet with the crowd the students have been left out of the discussion.

“We see what goes on in our halls, in our classrooms. Stuff they will never see like we see. You know if we could share that with them and use their expertise , their knowledge, their know how, their experience, we can come to something that will ultimately be the best solution for moving Bibb County forward to the successful point that we need to be at.”

Pruitt says while some of the changes have merit, others like; eliminating 300 teachers, moving 8th graders to high school, and closing 12 schools need more discussion.

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