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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 11:36am

High School Rape Probe Questioned

Bibb County School officials are turning the investigation of an alleged campus rape over to local police nearly two weeks after it happened. Campus police are no longer in charge. Seven students are under arrest.

Superintendent Romain Dallemand admits there were quote “significant gaps” in the school system’s response to the January 19th incident. A 16 year old special needs student says seven boys raped her for over an hour in a bathroom during the school day after a teacher let her leave class.

Mike Dorn is a school safety expert and served as the head of the Bibb County Schools Campus Police for ten years. He says nationwide only one in 1,000 teachers are trained in student supervision techniques.

“It’s startlingly common to go into schools; public, private, independent, parochial, and see kids unsupervised. And, we see many of our worst incidents relate to that.”

School officials have yet to send a letter to students and parents about the incident.

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