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Monday, January 23, 2012 - 10:32am

Bill Expands Student ID Voting

A House subcommittee passed a measure Monday on voter identification. The bill would allow students who attend private universities in Georgia to use their student IDs to vote.

Public university students have been able to use their student I-Ds to vote since 2005.

Democratic State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan of TOWN believes this bill would close the loophole and ensure that no students are left out.

Morgan says, "I think it was an oversight perhaps when voter I.D. was passed in 2005 that somehow private college students were left out. So I think this just brings some parody to it and it allows those students upwards, of 30-thousand students to be able to now use their I.D.'s to vote."

Morgan hopes this bill will be in effect by the presidential election in November.