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Friday, January 20, 2012 - 1:45pm

WORKING: Just One More Thing...

The new year is but a few weeks old, hiring is looking a little better, and unemployment is down just a bit in Georgia.

You might find yourself in an interview this year for a new job. Or you could be offered new opportunities at your current workplace.

Brandon Smith explains what you need to know before you take that job or new responsibilities. (See below for his list of questions you must ask.)

Brandon Smith teaches about leadership, communication, and workplace culture at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. More of his advice is on his blog and at And while you’re there, ask him your workplace or career question. We might use your question on a future radio segment.

Brandon’s Top Questions To Ask Before You Take A New Job:

1. Tell me a little bit about this job. Where did it come from? Is it a new job or did someone else have it before? (What happened to the last person who had this job?)

2. What would be a perfect outcome from someone in this job after one year?

3. Who will be my boss? (Make sure you have a conversation with that person.)

4. What opportunities might this job might lead to? What’s next?

BONUS QUESTIONS: Are there training opportunities? How am I going to know how I’m doing? Are there feedback and performance review mechanisms in place? If I need help, are there others who can help me or am I essentially on my own?

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