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Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 1:24pm

Seniors Lobby for More Funds

Advocates for older Georgians asked state legislators Thursday to allot more federal social service funding for senior citizens.

Lawmakers held a hearing on a type of federal funding called social service block grants. They fund programs such as adult daycare and transportation services that help older residents remain in their homes.

Ann Williams is with the Council on Aging. She says Georgia’s senior population has grown by 45 percent in the last decade. And she says funding that gives them independence is vital.

“It keeps you involved socially with your community," she said after the hearing. "You’re going to live better, longer. It’s so worthwhile and it’s about one-sixth of what it would cost if you were to fall apart and go into a nursing home.”

Currently, Georgia allots 10 percent of the $53 million grant to services for the aged. Williams said in other states, the amount is as much as 17 percent.

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