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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 1:39pm

State Senators Unveil Legislative Agendas

Republican and Democratic state senators unveiled their legislative agendas this week and at first glance, there are many similarities. But the two sides have very different ideas about how government should help Georgians prosper.

Both Republicans and Democrats want to create jobs and make government work for the people.

But Republicans say that means reducing corporate regulations and taxes. They also want a constitutional amendment that would require local school systems to fund state-approved charter schools.

Sen. Chip Rogers, a Woodstock Republican says Georgians have told them what they want.

“Over and over and over, these themes continue to come back: limited government, government that’s only falling within the bounds of the Constitution. Pro-growth tax reform. More jobs for Georgians. We have to do something about our educational system” said Rogers.

Democratic state Senators want a commission to review whether existing tax subsidies are creating jobs. They also want to create independent commissions for redistricting and ethics.