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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 5:30am

Someone Set Cumberland Fire

Updated: 5 years ago.
The number of staff assigned to the fire has been reduced from 20 to three now that control lines surrounding the blaze have been fortified to keep it from escaping. Rangers hope the smoldering fire will just burn itself out. (Photo Courtesy of National Parks Service.)

Cumberland Island's top official says investigators believe a 43-acre wilderness was started by a person, but they do not suspect it's a case of arson.

Island Superintendent Fred Boyles declined Wednesday to provide details on the investigation into the fire that's been burning for the past week on the island off Georgia's coast. He says the investigation still isn't complete.

Arson or not, the person responsible could face criminal charges. Starting campfires or any other fire is strictly prohibited in Cumberland Island's federally protected wilderness areas.

Park rangers are hoping the fire burns itself out after being surrounded by control lines. Boyles says soaking rains Thursday certainly helped.

Meanwhile, rangers have reopened one of the two campgrounds they were forced to close last week because of the blaze.