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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 6:08pm

Governor Gives State Of State

Governor Nathan Deal laid out his plans for the coming year in his annual State of the State address at the State Capitol. He wants to spend more money on education, transportation, security and job growth.

Using a nautical allegory, Deal compared those four spending areas to stars the state should follow to chart its future course. His fiscal year 2013 budget would add $100 million for higher education. It also funds 400 new medical residencies.

Deal also wants to spend nearly $150 million additional dollars to fully fund enrollment growth in primary education. Under his plan, Pre-k teacher salaries, cut last year, would be restored.

“The budget I’m proposing increases the Pre-k school year for 84,000 students by 10 days, bringing it to 170 days.”

The Governor's budget proposal needs approval by the State House and Senate.