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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 11:07am

Troops Come Home For Holidays

Some Georgia-based troops are arriving home just in time for the holidays. After a 7 month deployment Fort Gordon near Augusta welcomed 125 troops home earlier this month.

Public Affairs Officer Buzz Yarnell:

“A company 63 signal battalion came home about 5 months early. They got home on December the 9th, which was Friday. We had about 125 troops return home."

More continue to arrive. Airmen landed in Robins Air Force Base Tuesday after being delayed by technical difficulties in Germany.

Major Tracy Parrish, squad commander of the returning airmen:

"It meant a lot. Families were thrilled to see returnees on the news. We are working hard. We've still got 11 members that we've still got to get back in and they'll be excited to get back by Christmas too. And I think we're going to just make that deadline."

The unit arrives home after a 3 month deployment.

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